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Letters from our customers

I would personally like to thank our customers who took the time to write us thank you letters and tell us about their experiences.  We all have someone in our lives at one time or another that is either a senior or handicapped and lives alone.  We hope to help our friends and families as the baby boomers reach the age of needing a little extra help while still living independently.

I bought this medical pendant for my husband because I often go visit my daughter in Wisconsin.  I had gone out of town for a long weekend and my 86 year old husband stayed home.  He is very active for his age but he had slipped in the bathroom and fell.  He got stuck next to the toilet and could not get up.  I had tried to call my husband several times and became worried because there was no answer so I asked my nephew to go check on him.  Upon my nephew's arrival at my house, he looked through all of the windows and saw his uncles feet when he glanced towards the bathroom door.  He immediately called an ambulance and he was able to break a window to get in the house.   He had laid there for a day and a half and was very dehydrated.  The paramedic told us if he had laid there much longer that he would have died.  My nephew suggested we look at the Freedom Monitor Medical Alert Pendant so we don't have this emergency again when my husband is alone.  I am so happy I decided to purchase this 2-way Medical Pendant.  We also purchased an emergency wall communicator for the bathroom incase my husband forgets to put his pendant on in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  They also had a promotion that gave us a free lockbox, so now if there is an emergency someone can get in without having to break a door or window and cause more expense.   I now feel more comfortable knowing my husband has this incase of an emergency when he is alone.   When I get to that point I will also get an additional pendant for myself to use with the system.

Thank you Freedom Monitor!  This is the best independent living aid that was ever invented for the elderly and I will surely tell my friends. 

Dorothy V
Phoenix, Arizona

We replaced my moms old medical pendant with the new Freedom Monitor.  She was afraid to leave her bedroom because she had fallen in the bathroom with the door closed and the water running and the medical pendant wasn't very effective when she tried to yell back to the main unit.  She hurt herself and she wasn't able to yell very loud so the operator was unable to hear her calling for help from across her apartment as well as having the door closed and water running noise.  I visit my mom every day after lunch to check on her and found her sitting on the floor. She had hurt her hip and was in too much pain to get up on her own.  I was referred to you from a lady at church and I thank you for being quick to respond.  When we met the gentleman that showed us this unit, we were amazed at the new technology and immediately bought one for Mom and switched services away from the medical alert that she had.  Now my mom is free to roam around the house and not be afraid that there wont be any help for her if she should be in another emergency situation.

I want to thank you for bringing such a great new product to the market.  I will refer you to everyone I know!

Scottsdale, Az

I ordered TelCare's Freedom Monitor for my father who insists on living alone in his home.  He has had to use his Freedom Monitor several times when he fell and was unable to get to a phone to call for help.   After several trips to the hospital and rehab, he returns home and the very first thing he does is put his Freedom Monitor on.  

I would like to thank you for such an amazing product and great service.  

Sue K.
Orland Park, Illinois.

My Granddaughter purchased the Freedom Monitor for me because I live alone and not in the same state as the rest of my family.  She said it makes her feel better that I can call for help in the event of an emergency.  Whenever I am home, I wear my pendant which gives my family and me peace of mind that help is a push of a button away.

Helen S.
Tempe, Arizona

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