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Product Comparison

                        The Competition
With the older style medical pendant, you are limited by the location of the base unit because you have to be within range to hear the monitoring center talking to you. 

If you are too far away from the base unit or not in the room where the base unit is, you cannot hear the emergency operator, you won't be able to tell the operator what the emergency is, or worse yet, you won't know if anyone has been contacted!   They don't tell you this in the TV ads. 

                       Freedom Monitor

Freedom Monitor's 
base station plugs into any standard telephone jack and will allow you to communicate  your message directly through the pendant instantly and efficiently from within hundreds of feet of your base unit without having to yell back to the room where the base unit is plugged in! 

The system should easily cover your average home and into the front, back and side yards.



  Speak and Listen directly from the pendant YES  NO
  Up to 600 foot communication range from the pendant to the base station YES NO
  Out of range notification YES NO
  Low battery notification on pendant and from monitoring station YES NO
  Rechargeable battery in pendant with spare battery included for charger YES NO
  Rechargeable back-up system battery in case of a power outage YES NO
  Battery test/System test button YES NO
  Multiple pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators can operate on 1 system (A total of 4 in any combination) allowing several people to use 1 system at the same time. YES NO
  Optional Emergency Wall Communicator for bathroom YES NO
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