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Patented Technology

The latest technology is built right into our Freedom Monitor to give you ease of use, durability and versatility. Unlike the legacy style medical pendants, Freedom Monitor gives you the benefit of communication with the monitoring station operator right from the pendant, even in another room or in the front and backyard!  With the older style units, you are confined to ONE room.  

Patented Two-Way Voice Technology   Speak and Listen directly from the pendant!  With Freedom Monitor's newest technology, there is no more yelling back to the room where the base station is plugged in hoping that someone heard you.

One Button Activation   There is just One button to push when you want help.  This will activate the pendant and call the central station.  When the operator answers your call, they will have all of your information right in front of them to assist you efficiently.   They will have a responsible party list, Police, Fire and Ambulance numbers and any special instructions.

Water Resistant   The pendant allows you to summon help even if you are in the bath or shower, where seniors most serious accidents happen.   The pendant meets the industry standard IPX-5 test for water-resistance.

Voice Prompted System   Provides announcements during set-up, battery test, and full system check.

Pendant Battery   Unlike most other pendants, Freedom Monitor has a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and provides several hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to several months in stand-by mode. Freedom Monitor includes two (2) rechargeable batteries for the pendant. One battery charges in the base unit, while the other is in the pendant. Simply swap the batteries every few months and you will always have a fresh battery available. Press the "battery test" button on the back of the pendant to hear an audible announcement - "Battery is OK", "Battery is Low", or "Replace Battery Now". There is no more guessing about battery status. When the battery gets down to "Replace Battery Now", the monitoring station is contacted so they can alert you that the battery needs replacing.

System Has Standby Emergency Battery Power   Rechargeable batteries continually charge in the base unit so as to provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure so your pendant will continue to operate.

Pendant can be carried in 3 convenient ways Included with each system is a Lanyard, a Wrist Strap/Wheelchair or Walker Strap, and a Belt Clip. Pick the one that best suits your active lifestyle.

Multiple Pendants and Wall Communicators   One pendant comes with the system. A total of any combination of 4 Pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators can be set to work with each system. This is great for senior group homes.

Secure Lockbox   We offer a secure lockbox for you to put your house key inside, so in the event of an emergency the Authorities can get in the house without kicking the door down or breaking a window.

DECT Technology: Operation at 1.9Ghz gives super clear voice quality as well as excellent range.

Approved in ALL 50 States and Canada FCC & IC Certified. Factory is ISO-9000 approved.

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