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We Lease our Freedom Monitor Emergency Response Unit WITHOUT locking you into FOREVER Long Term Contracts like the units advertised on TV.

Contact us to set up service.

Please call us or use the contact form in the 'Contact Us' section of this website for more information or for a brochure.  To  sign up for monitoring or to speak with a representative about our current specials, 
Please call our office at 

Thank you for your interest in Freedom Monitor.

---  Freedom Monitor Kits,  Accessories and     ---
 ---                   Monthly Monitoring                     ---


Basic Freedom Monitor Kit / Annual Lease                          $34.95/month*     


Additional Pendant                                                  $6.95/mo.
Emergency Wall Communicator                                

         Lockbox  (1 time charge)                                         $24.95               


*Monitoring billed for term selected plus one time $49.99 activation fee
  **Monitoring will be billed for the full term selected and a pro-rated billing to the next
  current month.   Cancellation requires minimum 30 day notice in writing prior to renewal and equipment to be returned for cancellation of service.  


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